Drupal Theme Instructions

Installing to your site

  • Rename the "basedrupal" folder to your new theme name and place it in your sites theme folder.
  • Rename basedrupal.info to yourtheme.info
  • Open yourtheme.info and update the "name" and "description"
  • Open template.php and do the following find/replace:
    • Find: basedrupal_ Replace: yourtheme_ to switch out all function calls.
    • Note: Include the underscore in your search! Do not do a general find/replace for "basedrupal" because we link to resources on the CDN with "basedrupal" in the path. You will break things if you do this.

Set up your theme

  • Open theme_config.php and update the values as needed.


We use Bootstrap as our framework. It is required for the header, footer, and other elements within the design. Please build your website using its CSS, Components, and Javascript. You can visit their website for documentation.