• MSState department logo is required at the top with the "M" linking back to msstate.edu and the rest linking to department sites homepage.
  • Custom department logos are allowed in the right side of the footer, or as a hero slide
  • If a custom department logo is not placed in the right side of the footer, the college logo or the MSState logo will be placed there.


There are 3 predefined themes that offer a slightly different color palette and typography combination.

  • Simplean: Standard
  • Chevron: Subtle Pattern
  • True Bulldog: Maroon and Khaki
  • Custom: Whatever you want

View Simplean View Chevron View True Bulldog


Search is required. It can search your site or the main msu site.


Address (required)

  • MSState "M" logo with department address.
  • Only 1 line for physical or mailing, plus the city/state/zip.
  • Only 1 phone number. No fax numbers
  • Create a contact page if need for mor information.

Middle Links (required)

  • Departments can insert their own links.
  • Must always contain 9 links. If departments have less than 9, the remaining must be filled in with defaults)


  • See logo section above


Main Menu Bar

Max number of primary menu items: 7

Submenus: We don't recommend the usage of submenus because it hurts user experience, but we will allow up to 1 sub level.

Social Icons

* Only allowed in header if top menu bar isn't.

Mobile: Always displayed above the footer.

Top Menu & Concentration

* Only allowed in header if social icons aren't.

Top Menu

  • myState (required)
  • Directory (required)
  • Optional 1
  • Optional 2
  • Optional 3
  • News (can link to department news or msstate news) (required)
  • Contact (can link to department contact or msstate contact) (required)


  • Maximum of 5 concentrations
  • Can not mix with the top menu
  • Can not alter colors or size